Thursday, May 31, 2012

My first FINISHED quilt!

This is my first finished quilt! It's actually the third one that I started, but first done :) It was a present for Dave :) He worked really hard this year for his new job and I figured he deserved a bit of handmade love :)
It is a pattern called Opposites Attract by Anka's Treasures. You use 2.5" strips and a 60degree triangle ruler.
Picking fabric was really hard for this. I wanted blues and greens (his favorite colors) but no flowers or anything girly.
I even found him fabric that had fish on because he loves to fish!
I wanted a simple pattern for the quilting because my machine isn't really set up for quilting (mainly because I don't have a walking foot...) I did a hexagon shape inside the outer hexagon and a triangle inside the inner hexagon. Here it is from the front:
And also from the back:
The tricky part was the binding! Honestly there wasn't one single right angle on this entire thing. I am also not a fan of inner corners now! Not what you should try the first time you have to put binding on.
The hand stitching may not be the best, but for my first time hand stitching it should hold up pretty good. The night before I gave it to him I spent 7 hours hand stitching the binding to make sure that I got it done. My hand was definitely cramping by the end of those 7 hours. But now I know to not procrastinate for the next one! All in all I was really happy with how it turned out. Frustrating along the way at times, but I think he really liked it :) I'm proud of my work! :) And I am super proud of Dave and his accomplishments and I know he deserved this special gift :)