Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's a good thing I'm not a professional blogger

Really it is. I cannot keep up with blogging to save my life despite the fact that I always think it's so cool and I have a million things I think about to write about.

Can I say that I really cannot believe that it's November already. I hear people say things like that all the time but I thought about it this week and I don't know where the last couple months have gone. I feel like it should still be September. Maybe it's the new AmeriCorps position keeping me super busy all the time or Dave's life keeping me super busy all the time but I really cannot believe it's Turkey Day next Thursday. Speaking of Dave - poor kid has to get his wisdom teeth out on Monday. I don't think he's going to have a fun Turkey Day :/

I guess things with my AC position are going ok. I know some medical things a little better now and I managed to pass the medical terminology class they made me take (not hard when you could basically do the test open note.) We had a big Open House/holiday party this week. Not happy that I had to be there for nearly 12 hours straight but I got to talk to a few awesome people. One of which was Janet who I guess used to run our program. I wish she still ran it! She's probably one of a few people that I've talked to since starting AC that actually understands where I'm coming from with my faith and bringing that into play for why I want to help people and work in nonprofits and stuff. It was really cool to talk to her and refreshing to find someone who understood me.

Kelly is coming home for a few days next week and I'm super excited! I hate not getting to see family a lot but it's good that she's finally got a full time job in Indy. I'm also excited that she's bringing her cat Max home! I'm not really a cat person but Max is a snuggly awesome ball of fur :)

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