Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I love winning things :)

Really I do love it. I mean, what isn't awesome about free stuff!? I managed to win some fabric from the August Fab Shop Hop. Fab Shop Hop is interesting because you get to visit a ton of different quilt stores online and look for a little bunny icon. If you collect so many you get entered in to different levels for prizes. I won 4 yards of fabric in various shades of white! These pictures are not the best at all since my camera doesn't like white on white, but you get the idea of what I won.
At least some of this fabric I think I'm going to use to finish my Christmas quilt using Kate Spain's Flurry fabric. I needed white fabric anyways and the one at least looks like it fits in good!

The second thing I won recently came from Quilt Dad's blog. He had a contest as part of the Modern Mix blog tour. Quilt dad had a contest and I won a fat quarter bundle of Kingdom, designed by Jessica Levitt (who also wrote Modern Mix.) And it was super easy to win because all I had to do was pick out a lie from a little game of 2 Truths and a Lie! How freaking easy is that!? I just picked a random statement and after Quilt Dad did his little magical pick of the correct answers I was a winner :) This fabric is so me! I love the purples, blues and greens! I still have no idea what I want to make with it. I'm so bad at picking out patterns for things. I have a ton of lines of fabric that I want to get, but no clue what I would make with any of it. Although, I really do like this pattern It's called Carnival and was designed by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts. I like that one but I think I need to find a book that has patterns for FQ bundles. Just so I can get some more ideas of what I could make with it!

I am super thankful that I won these things :) I mean, AC doesn't pay anything really so it's hard for me to get any fabric to make projects with. (Like the fabric for the Christmas presents I'm making may have come from the super reduced clearance section at Jo-Anns... but they're still designs I know people will like!) So being broke doesn't match well with the cost of fabric these days. So anything I can get for free helps - so thanks Fab Shop Hop and Quilt Dad! :)

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