Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh hey little blog....

I am really a bad blogger... So much has happened since I last posted!

I now live in Pittsburgh again! Yay for moving home after 6 years in Ohio! I have a new AmeriCorps position here. The non-profit takes donated (and still useful) medical supplies from local hospitals to send to Latin America and the Caribbean. I get to work with volunteers to pack the supplies to get shipped out. This AC year I thought would be better than the last, but I'm still frustrated with how things are going. I swear I can't catch a break :(

Dave is in the middle of a big application process for a new job. And it's a real job - no more of this part time BS with Walmart. It's an awesome opportunity and has great benefits. I would get into more details but with the nature of the job I'm not sure how much I can say about it. I just don't want him to get in any trouble. The only thing that sucks is he will probably get moved out of Pittsburgh :( So we'll be back to a long distance relationship again. :(

As for my crafty aspirations - I haven't really accomplished anything since I last posted. My sewing machine has been broken since August and I just got it back Friday from getting fixed. Apparently they don't make a part anymore that it needs so it's questionable if I can wind bobbins on it. But it does sew things. I made Dave a Penn State pillow case as a much-belated going back to school present. Thankfully he didn't think it was too cheesy because he wants a matching one made now :) I still need to finish quilting and binding my Africa quilt. My machine is not made for quilting so it's a pain to do and I'm just avoiding it anymore... But I got my Flurry pieces all laid out for my disappearing 9 patch Christmas lap quilt. I just have to start sewing them this week since I have my machine again!