Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh blog...

...sorry I forgot about you for a while. July is just turning into one crazy month!

I ended up working most of the first weekend and only getting home to celebrate the holiday at about midnight Saturday night. So of course no holiday celebrations until people woke up Sunday morning... We had a picnic at my aunt and uncle's in Indiana, PA, which was super awesome because I finally got to meet miss Adderley Blue! Adderley was born to my cousin and his wife in January and I've never gotten to meet her until that Sunday. She is such a cute pumpkin :) Monday for the 4th mom and dad drove me around Pgh looking for an apartment when I get to move home in September. This trip, and many since, have been fruitless. (Hopefully the last apartment I looked at this past weekend works out though!) Dave and I also got to head downtown with his parents to see the fireworks over the Point. I love fireworks almost as much as I love Dave :)

The next week was CAT Camp at Jumonville in which I got to be a counselor for some senior high girls. I will never do senior high again if I can help it. I don't care how much they say they loved me as a counselor, I felt so disrespected for most of the week that I will never be their counselor again. Not to mention I can't handle their drama. Granted some of it was above and beyond normal teenage drama - but I'm not dealing with that again. Although it was FANTASTIC to be back with some old friends again. I love these people :) And it was fun being an adopted counselor to Jenn's girls. I'm glad someone there liked me as a counselor...

July also brought the wedding of the always beautiful Megan. I have known this girl for 19 years! And I am so excited for her :) The wedding was beautiful and so cute and I'm so happy for them :) I hope they're having fun in Jamaica right now! I'm glad Dave was able to get a day off from work (finally!) to be able to come with me. I can't wait til we get to have our special day too :)

Ugh now I just need to get through the next 4.5 weeks so I can move HOME! Columbus is cool and all and I've meet some pretty awesome people here. But srsly, Columbus has nothing on Pittsburgh. Not to mention I cannot wait until I can see Dave every day of the week if I want to. Just about our entire relationship has been long distance and I'm ready for a break from that. Of course, if he gets a job that he's applying for we will have a long distance relationship again for a while. But I will take the 4 months of close distance relationship and cherish it :)

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