Saturday, June 18, 2011

NQA Quilt Show

I've been wanting to make a blog for some time now but wasn't really sure what all to write about or how to start it. I figure what better way to start than to write about going to the NQA Quilt show!

My mom has always been a super crafty person and I've dabbled in things here and there with her. When I was in Africa in 2009 I bought some fabric not having a clue what I wanted to do with it but knowing that mom would help me with whatever I wanted to make. What I ended up making was a full size quilt using an adapted Pennsylvania Pavement pattern.

The Botswana fabric is this brown and white fabric:

So I headed to the NQA show today looking for some extra fabric for the backing (I'm using the rest of the Botswana brown for part of it) and some fabric for the binding. I didn't really find anything I liked for the backing but I found a cool fabric for the binding:

I also managed to find an awesome penguin quilt that I want to make.

It will end up a bit different that this pattern. One reason is that I have new penguin fabric to go with it :)

And some cute snowflake fabric to use in the background of the patches

In addition to this all I found some other cool fabrics. These two I'm saving for a Christmas quilt I want to make

And this one (from Indonesia!) I'm sure quite what I want to do with it. But for only $1 I couldn't pass up an awesome foreign fabric

My sisters both came to show too. We recently found out that we're 4th generation quilters. I knew mom quilted but I had NO idea that my Grandma Birkel or my Great-Grandma quilted. It's kind of awesome to say that we're all quilters now :) Kelly wants to work on a giraffe quilt. She spent most of the time not really finding anything she liked but almost at the end she found a cool pattern that she can do applique giraffes with and then found fabric that looked like giraffe skin! I'm pretty excited to see how her quilt turns out :) Allison found a pattern for a dragon quilt and started buying fabric for that. My mom had a list of fabric to buy so she could finish a few projects. She got some Civil War reprints that she wanted but nothing else on her list. Pretty sure I get my procrastination for finishing projects from my mom haha :)


  1. I just came across your blog while searching for a penguin quilt pattern. I absolutely LOVE the one you have posted here. Do you know how I could get the pattern for it? My daughter is getting married, and it would be a perfect wedding gift for them as they both love penguins. Please help if possible. Thank you!

  2. Do you know where I can get the penguin pattern - just love it